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North Star Orchard

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Adventures in Flavor

North Star Orchard is located in Southeastern Pennsylvania and specializes in growing unique and heritage varieties of tree fruits and a wide variety of vegetables. Fruit selections include several hundred varieties of apples and dozens of varieties of peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, and Asian pears.

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.
The second-best time is now.

-Chinese proverb

Farmers' Markets and CSA Memberships

Check here for farmers' market information, including locations and times.

Fruit and Veggie CSA Shares are available each year. You can enjoy the best of the farm's produce by becoming a CSA member. Learn about CSA Membership options here.

Connections and Employment Opportunities

Stay connected with what's going on at the farm and farmers' markets, and read about farming, food, and fun, on our blog.

We need a couple of people to help part-time picking fruit this fall! Please click here for more information. If you are interested in joining us in 2015 as a full-time/full-season on-farm helper, check the same link for more info!

Have a question, comment, suggestion, or quotable quote? Let us know!

Baby Apple Tree

Sponsor a Tree

We are constantly adding new fruit trees to the orchard, now consisting of hundreds of varieties. We invite you to be a part our flavorful adventure by sponsoring a baby tree. It is a great gift for yourself or your friends and family, or as a memorial for a special person. Click here for full details or order here.

More About the Farm

Fruitful Man Logo

We sell all of our products directly to consumers at area producer-only farmers' markets and through our CSA. Our business is known for its abundance of apple varieties, unique Asian pears, and the high standard of quality in all of our fruits and vegetables. We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the farm in 2012 by planting a new and very unique orchard. The farm's current large selection of apple varieties has been joined by hundreds more (we're up to around 400 now). Our goal? To flavor the future! Check our calendar for fall Adventure in Flavor! events and explore some of the 400 yourself!


We have always been interested in both growing unusual varieties of fruit and vegetables and in using the newest ideas in training and trellising. We are concerned about the environment, are GMO free, and work hard to farm in a manner as sustainable and safe as possible.

Click here to learn more about the farm's history, the farm family, and their farming philosophy. Or, if you enjoy listening to podcasts, listen about our fruit geekdom on Jack's Farm Radio's a good listen!

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