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North Star Orchard


Welcome to Adventures in Flavor! 353 varieties of apples are here, in a wide range of colors, sizes, and (most importantly!) flavor. Most of the varieties are either very new or heritage/antique varieties. The following alphabetized list includes details of those varieties which have borne fruit, and we continually update descriptions where there are currently none as those new-to-us varieties start producing. Please note that many of our fruit varieties are grown in very limited quantities and will not be available at all farmers' market or CSA pickup location sites.

Many people like to keep notes about the various varieties. Print our Apple Passport (or pick one up at the farmers' market), which includes a list of 72 of our more-likely-to-be-seen varieties, complete with a basic key and a place for notes. click here.

If you'd like to sponsor a young tree, Click here.

Apple Care 101: Please refrigerate all apples, preferably wrapped in a plastic bag to keep them from dehydrating. Apples that are not refrigerated will lose their flavor and crunchiness quickly, but if you prefer to eat apples at room temperature, only take out what you plan to use within a day or two for best eating quality. Early season varieties (before October 1st) will keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge. Late season varieties (after October 1st) will keep from one to three months in the fridge.

Adams Pearmain

Adam's Pearmain (pictured) Small to medium sized, yellowish-greenish-golden with some pink blush). A classic antique variety, which was one of the most popular varieties in Victorian England. It is quite hard and really packs the flavor. It has an intense and sugary-tart addictive flavor. Wow! Those Victorian's knew what was good. Early September.




Allington Pippin slightly tart with a nice bit of sweetness

Ambrosia Medium-sized green and red. Very sweet, fine texture and juicy. The parentage is unknown, but it may be an offspring of Gala, Golden Delicious, or Jonathan, and originates from western Canada as a chance seedling which was found growing in an orchard in the 1980s. Mid-September.

American Beauty Sweet, rich, and spicy. Juicy with hints of apple pie flavor!

American Golden Russet intense flavor

Ananas Reinette Sweet-tart with complex flavors of pear, pineapple, and blackberry!

Arkansas Mammoth Black

Arkansas Sweet sweet, but not overly so. Has a sturdy bite!

Aroma Medium, sweet-tart, uniquely fruity, very juicy

Aromatic Russet

Ashmead's Kernel Tart aromatic and complex flavors. This is a traditional old English antique variety which is normally completely russeted.

Atalanta's Gold crispy and tartish with perfect amount of sweet for balance

Aunt Rachel Sweet, applely, and juicy! Nice for eating or as a lovely early baking apple.

Autumn Crisp Sweet and mildly fruity with a distinctively excellent juicy crunch.

Bailey Sweet Nutty, smokey, and nicely sweet

Bald Mountain Tart and fruity. Looks as rugged as the mountain it is named for, but tastes bett er!


Bauman's Reinette

Beauty of Bath Tart, complex, and aromatic. A beautiful English variety.

Belle de Jardin

Belmac Full of flavor; sweet and sour

Benoni Medium, red blush, moderately tart, unique, soft, breaking, moderately juicy

Berne Rose

Bess Pool


Betsey Deaton Sweet-tart and applely. Lovely and fruity for eating or to use in cooking.

Bevan's Favorite Small, orange striped, sweet, nutty, fruity, spicy, firm, breaking

Beverly Hills Medium Large, red striped, sweet, uniquely fruity, tender

Billy Bound

Black Amish

Black Gilliflower

Black Oxford tart and dense

Black Twig


Blenheim Orange

Bloody Ploughman

Blue Pearmain

Blushing Golden Moderately tart with rich, spicy flavors. It is an absolutely beautiful long- keeping variety, but is more tart than most yellow apples, despite its lovely glow.

Bottle Greening

Breaky Medium, pink, sweet-tart, fruity, tender, breaking, moderately juicy




Brown Russet crisp, fruity, and tart

Brownlee's Russet

Brushy Mountain Limbertwig Sweet-tart with complex flavors. Super-firm! 'Limbertwig' refers to the floppy branches on the tree.

Bryson's Seedling


Bunker Hill

Calville Blanc Yellowish-green. Sweet-tart rich and complex flavors with a unique fine-grained firm texture. A French antique, its distinct shape appears frequently in Renaissance paintings!

Calvile Rouge d'automne

Calvin Medium, yellow, sweet, fruity, breaking, very juicy

Canada Red

Canada Reinette Large, yellow green, moderately tart, fruity, spicy, firm, very juicy

Canadian Strawberry

Candy Crisp Yellow and red, very sweet. The name says it all! Very sweet complex flavor, and what a crunch! This amazing variety was discovered growing wild in New York state.

Caney Fork Limbertwig


Carter's Blue Complex and cidery; tastes like fall with a nice "apple" flavor


Cheddar Cross

Cherryville Black


Chestnut Crab

Cinnamon Spice

Clara's Creek Tart and fruity. Quite hard with a great crunch. Not a 'keeper' - it is best if it doesn't sit around too long, so use them pretty much right away.


Cockle (aka Nutmeg Pippin) Medium, yellow, sweet, spicy, fruity, firm, non breaking, moderately juicy

Coe's Golden Drop Dense texture with a fresh tart flavor

Cole's Quince This is an Apple (not a quince)! Large, yellow green, very tart, juicy

Coo's River Beauty Medium large, pink, sweet, fruity, tender, moderately breaking, juicy

Coop 17

Cornish Aromatic nice floral pear-like flavor and lovely crunch.

Cornish Gilliflower sweet, but not overly so

Court Pendu Plat Very tart

Crimson Crisp (aka Co-op 39) Medium sized, bright cherry-red with some yellow. Rich, sweet flavor & lovely crunchy texture. Rock-hard to the touch. Great for snacking or dessert. One of our favorites! Late August.

Crimson Gold Wild cherry-red, rather flat and lumpy-looking. Sweet, fruity, brightly crisp, and very juicy. Oh my goodness, this one will surprise you! Yes, it is small, but the flavor is a true standout. We've been likening the flavor to wineberries and pink Starburst candies, of all things!

Crow Egg Sweet, fruity, and juicy. An old Southern Classic.

Crown Prince Rudolph Nice crisp crunch and quite juicy. Good sweet/sour balance

Cumberland (aka Hardy Cumberland) Sweet-tart and lightly fruity flavor. This is a Modern variety which has good disease-resistance. It is quite juicy and applely.

D'arcy Spice

Dave's Delight Sweet and just completely amazing! It has truly excellent flavor and crunch - and tastes like apple pie... Don't miss it!

Davenport Russet


Deacon Jones

Dean Watts Scion

Discovery Small, striped, red blush, sweet, complex flavor, aromatic, firm, moderately breaking, moderately juicy


Dula Beauty

Dutchess of Oldenburg

Early Beauty (aka Redfree) Medium sized and green with red blush. Sweet-tart and fruity, it is good for eating, crisps, and apple cake. Late July.

Earlyblaze Starkspur

Early Red

Early Strawberry

Early Thompson

Eclipse (NY75441-67) Larger size with shiny, very dark red/purple color over green. Tart and super-juicy. Skin is quite tough at the first bite, but then the delicious juicy flavor takes over and the apple is eaten before you know it. Addictive flavor...reminds me of fresh apple cider! Fine for eating or cooking. I understand they make a wicked-good apple dumpling. Late September.

Eddie April

Eden Crab Small, red, sweet, uniquely fruity, fine texture, hard, breaking

Edward's Winter

Egremont Russet Very hard and richly aromatic. Slightly tart. A classic russet from England's Victorian era. ...YES! It is supposed to be ugly!!

Ellison's Orange

Elstar A tart and complex explosion of flavor from the Netherlands.


English Beauty

Enterprise Large size and dark red with green, somewhat shiny. Sweet and very firm with rich and fruity flavor. Excellent fresh eating, as well as for all cooking uses calling for sweeter apples. Early October.

Erwin Baur Large, striped red, sweet, fruity, firm, breaking, juicy

Esopus Spitzenberg

Esopus Spitzenberg (pictured) Medium sized, dusky dark red with white speckles. Sugary-tart with rich, aromatic flavor. It is an excellent eating apple; an antique dating from the 1700s, this is reported to be Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple. Late September/early October.

Evereste crab

Everready Striped red and rustic. Slightly tart with pure apple flavor.

Evil Queen Sweet and juicy. This large beauty is great for all Snow Whites and Prince Charmings! (and no, they're not poisonous!)

Fall Orange Sweet orange flavor. It's not the color - it 's the flavor...amazing!

Fall Pippin

Fall Wine

Father Abraham

Fiesta Medium, red, sweet, full rich flavor, fruity/slight banana taste, tender, breaking, very juicy

Fletcher Sweet

Florina Medium sized, pinkish-yellow to red, sweet aromatic flavor, crisp, and juicy. It is a French variety with Jonathan as one of the parents. These have been nicknamed "The Bubblegum Apple", not because you can blow bubbles with them, but because they are very sweet and have a lovely pink color, which reminds us of Bazooka! While sweet, they have a nice balanced flavor and a lovely crisp texture. An excellent dessert apple...and kids love the nickname! Late September.

Freiherr von Berlepsch

Galarina Pinkish-red, slightly tart yet fruity flavor. The lovely crunch makes for a great snacking apple. Originally from France, it is a cross of Gala and Florina Querina. Late September.

Gala Supreme

Garden Royal


Golden Harvey Tart and richly delicious. This has excellent flavor in a very tiny package...the flavor bounces around on your tongue!

Golden Nugget Medium, russet, moderately tart, rich, spicy, complex, juicy

Golden Pearmain Sweet and a little tropical

Golden Pippin

Golden Reinette

Golden Russet

Golden Russet (pictured) Small to medium sized, mostly russeted fruit with some yellow and orange peeking out from under the russet. This is a classic (400 year old variety) apple which some believe to be the first known specifically American apple variety. It has a rich, sugary sweetish aromatic flavor, with hints of tangerine flavor when very ripe, and a distinctive firm texture (non-breaking flesh). People who know them line up to get their hands on them. These are great for snacking, but if the kids are suspicious because of their appearance....well then, lucky you - you won't have to share! Great to pair with wine and cheese as well. Pure juice of this variety has a subtle pear flavor. Late September.

Golden Supreme Yellow and slightly sweet with a complex fruity flavor. These are super yummy, so just dig in! No - these are NOT Golden Delicious; theyare waaay better! Late August.

Gold Star Greenish-yellow. Slightly tart and quite juicy with a lightly-textured crunch. Very easy to eat! Early October.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush (pictured) Medium to large size, green to yellow with red blush and some russeting. Hard, crunchy, sugary-tart and juicy. Develops an excellent and unique aromatic sweet flavor after several weeks/months in the refrigerator. Keeps for months in a cool area or refrigerator. Excellent for all uses. Really! A favorite for eating, pies, varietal cider, and drying (dried Gold Rush are addictive). We use an American Harvest dehydrator...check our 'links' page for more information about dehydrators. Stored Gold Rush may start to shrivel over a couple months, but they retain their flavor and firm texture and so continue to be great for fresh eating during the winter months. Absolutely amazing apples! Parents: Golden Delicious and Coop 17 out of Purdue Rutgers in Illinois. (Coop 17 is a terrible apple, but it makes an excellent parent). This variety was almost discarded because the original breeder didn't like it one bit. Thank goodness that didn't happen! Late-October.

Green River

Green Sweet tastes like the color green (or fake apple flavor??). A bit citrusy

Greensleeves mellow sweet flavor and tender texture

Grimes Golden Yellow. Sweet-tart and slightly spicy. Quite juicy. A classic Appalachian antique from the 1800s, and is the parent of Golden Delicious. Mid-September.

Guyandotte Pippin Sweet! Complex fruity flavor. Small but packed with flavor!


Harold's Large

Haurer Pippin Slightly tart with complex flavors and quite hard texture One of its parents is the classic favorite Cox's Orange Pippin.

Hawaii Sweet and tropical flavors, yet subtle



Holiday Crisp with spicy good flavor



Hoover (aka Black Coal)

Howgate Wonder Great crunch, sweet-tart floral flavors

Hudson's Golden Gem

Hudson's Golden Gem (pictured) Large, golden-brown and completely russeted. Sweet and rich with addictively amazing flavor. This may be the most recently introduced russeted variety; it was discovered growing in a fence row and released by a nursery in Oregon in 1931. It is a "must have" for the heirloom apple grower and for every apple eater! These aren’t much to look at, but they are awesome down to the last bite. Late September.

Hunt Russet

Husk Spice subtle spice finish, but not too strong

Hyde King


Incarnation (aka NY 75414-1)

Ingrid Marie

Initial Sweet and fragrant. A weird name, yes, but it's an excellent apple for eating, with a nice firm crunch and excellent flavor.

James Kirk crab


Jewett Red Not the typical apple flavor

Joan Large, pink blush, tart, fruity, firm, non breaking


Jonalicious Classic yum...crisp, juicy, tart, citrusy


Jordan Russet

July Red


Kandil Sinap

Kandi Kitaika

Karmin (aka Karmijn de Sonnaville) Very tart with a rich complex flavor. An amazing flavorburst in an ugly package. One of its parents is the classic favorite Cox's Orange Pippin.

Katherine Sweet, with very complex licorice, banana, & tropical fruit flavors! Excellent flavors and crunch for fresh eating. Named for Katharine, the apple breeder's wife, who must have had a great taste in apples.

Katja (aka Katsa) Small, pink/red, sweet-tart, fruity, tender, breaking

Keener Seedling

Keepsake Yellow and reddish with a very bumpy and lumpy aspect. Slightly sweet, with hints of vanilla and bourbon. Not much to look at, butit certainly is delicious! Has a distinctive hard texture, and is one of the parents of Honeycrisp.

Kerry Pippin


Keystone Unique flavor...lime-ish?

Kidd's Orange Red Sweet, aromatic, juicy, and quite firm. It is a variety bred in New Zealand in the early 1900s (a cross of Cox's Orange Pippin and Red Delicious) and is a parent of Gala. Mid-September.

Kinder Krisp Sweet & fruity. A small apple that packs a lot of flavor and crunch.

King Cole tart yet flowery

King of Pippins Sour, crisp, and full of flavor. Awesome if you like something on the tart side

King Solomon

Kinnard's Choice light flavor, juicy crunch

Kinsei very sweet and fruity - a real treat!

Knobbed Russet

Lacy Sweet and fruity. A pretty apple with a lovely crunch.

Lady Sudley (aka Jacob's Strawberry)

Lamb Abbey Pearmain

Leslie sweet/tart like the candy. Crunchy

Liberty Medium sized and quite juicy, green with some red blush. Moderately tart with a nice crunch, turning sweeter with storage in the refrigerator. Excellent for fresh eating and for pies, tarts and crisps, and apple cake. It is a Macoun cross developed in the 1960s for its disease-resistant qualities. Early September.

Little Jewel Small medium, red, sweet, fruity, firm, breaking, juicy

Lord Hindlip

Lord Lambourne Moderately tart and fruity with a refreshing flavor. Delicious and easy to eat! An antique from England.

Ludicrisp Sweet and fruity with a juicy crunch. This is a NSO original. Developed here on the farm, this is the only place you'll find it! The flavor is described as "poppin' bright"!

Lyman's Large Summer

Lyon Small, red, moderately tart, fruity, extremely tender, slightly breaking



Margil Nice and tart, with a classic 'yum'


Melrose Red and slightly sweet with a lingering aromatic flavor. This is the state apple of Ohio. Mid- to late September.

Merton Beauty

Merton Russet mild sweetness and tender texture


Mollie's Delicious Sweet with a unique fruit candy flavor. A unique and fun flavor; you have to taste it to believe it! Not related at all to Red Delicious.

Monolith Medium sized. Green undercolor with a bright splash of red (which may cover most of the apple in some individuals). Don't let that red color fool you - this is an apple that'll bite you back! Very tart and intense, yet with lots of great flavor, these apples really have some zing. It has a great crunch and is quite juicy. This variety is from our own apple breeding program. We developed them back when we were in college (they actually lived in our apartment for awhile!). Late August.

Mother Sweet-tart and richly aromatic, with a lingering, wonderful finish like the finest wines.

Moyer's Spice


Myer's Royal Limbertwig tart and crunchy

Newell's Winter

Newton Pippin Medium sized, yellow-green with speckles and some russet. Has a handsome rustic appearance. Moderately tart with a complex fruity flavor. It is an antique variety also known as Albermarle Pippin. In the 1800s it was the most popular apple in the Mid-Atlantic region. Late October.


Northfield Beauty Large, red, tart, mild fruity flavor, soft

Northstar King

Nova (aka Nova-ez-gro): On the small side, and green with pink or orange blush. Slightly tart, but with a unique fruity flavor. Delicate skin and flesh texture which makes a nice apple for the lunchbox or a mid-afternoon snack. Late August.

Novaspy Very large and greenish-yellow with red blush. A cross of Northern Spy and Nova apples. These have a nice, lightly sweet flavor and juicy crisp texture, with hints of vanilla and bourbon. Take me to New Orleans! Great fresh eating and pies! Late September.


Old Nonpareil

Oliver subtly mild-tart and crisp



Opalescent Pink and yellow in color. An antique from the 1880s. It is a delicately sweet apple with a nice crunch. Definitely easy to eat!

Orin (pictured) Large and pale green, with pronounced lenticels (aka speckles). Lightly sweet flavor, with a lovely crunch. Our son proclaims them, "Very easy to eat". These were developed in Japan. Late October.


Orleans Reinette Complex, sweet-tart and a little spicy. Slightly pear-like flavor and has a wine-like finish

Ortley sweet with a a hint of tart. Complex flavor

Oxheart Pippin tart, tender, slightly fruity



Parmar Small, rustic yellow, very tart, rich flavor, firm non breaking, juicy

Party Doll

Paw Paw Sweet

Peck's Pleasant

Perry Russet


Pippin Katrina

Pitmaston Pineapple

Pixie nice crunch, sweet and fruity.

Pixie Crunch (Co-op 33): Medium sized and dark red. Intensely sweet and fruity. Crisp and super-flavorful, it will turn your kids (and you) into apple-obsessed little fruit bats! Late August.

Pomme Gris sweet and crunchy

Prairie Spy great flavor - just slightly tart - and very juicy



Priscilla Small and red. Spicy flavor; slightly tart to sweet. Developed in the 1960s at Purdue Rutgers in Illinois. Late August.

Pristine Medium sized, and bright yellow. Slightly tart with hints of tropical and pineapple flavors. A great start to apple season! Mid-July.

Rajka Medium size, dark red. Similar to Jonathan in flavor and a bit on the sweet side. It is a modern variety from the Czech Republic, developed in the 1990s, and is somewhat disease resistant.

Razor Russet A fully-russeted sport of Golden Delicious. They are very crisp, juicy, and sweet...excellent flavor for fresh eating.

Rebella Medium sized, dark red. Very aromatic flavor. Similar to Releika.

Red Berlepsch

Red Butterscotch

Red Esther Large, red blush, sweet, pleasant flavor, firm, breaking, moderately juicy

Red Rebel

Red Russet

Red Winesap

Red Winter Pearmain


Reine des Reinette slightly tart and fruity

Reinette Simerenko Small to medium sized, often lopsided in shape. Green with some pink color. Tart and juicy with light tropical fruit and citrus flavors. An old Eastern European variety, it is what Granny Smith wishes it could have been. The flavor can really grow on you! Early October.

Releika Medium sized, dark red. Very aromatic flavor. Similar to Rebella.

Resi Wow...cinnamon/candy flavors

Reverend Morgan Classic yum! Tasty sweet flavor

Rockingham Red

Roman Stem

Rosemary Russet Tart, aromatic, and rich. It's not a very russeted apple, despite the name.

Ross Nonpareil very sweet and flavorful


Royal Red Limbertwig


Royalty (aka NY75413-30) (pictured) Super-large bright and bright red or green with red blush. Sweet-tart, they are great for: eating, baking, pies, and applesauce. Fun fact: this is the apple we use to make the cider apple sauce we sell. Mid September.

Rubinette Medium sized, yellowish-green with orange striping and sometimes a hint of russet. Don't let the unassuming appearance of these fool you! These have a wonderfully complex fruity flavor. They're juicy, slightly sweet/slightly tart, and VERY easy to eat. For the discerning apple lover, these rival the flavor of the classic Cox's Orange Pippin. It was developed in Switzerland in the latter half of the 20th century, and is a cross of Cox's Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious. While our area is basically too warm in summer for Cox's, Rubinette is well-suited to our temperatures, so it provides a nice alternative for those Cox's lovers out there. Early September.

Russet Beauty Small and completely russeted brown. Don't judge an apple by its cover; these are quite tasty and firm. Sometimes, the homely apples are the most interesting! On the tart side. Early September.


Sansa Medium sized, pink to light red. Sweet, crunchy, and richly fruity. They don't really turn brown when cut, so they are a nice variety to use as slices on a fruit/veggie plate or in a salad without needing to add lemon juice. Late July.

Scarlet Croften Medium, red, sweet-tart, tangariney, moderately juicy, non breaking


Scott Winter

Senshu Medium sized, dull green with some red. Has a sweet, well-balanced flavor and texture. Delightful eating; don't let the green color fool you! Developed in Japan in the 1970s. Early September.

Shenandoah Sweet-tart and slightly fruity. It keeps its shape when cooked, so it is ideal for the traditional American apple pie!

Shizuka Very large and greenish/yellow. Very sweet and juicy, with a crisp texture. Fantastic for fresh eating or to serve as slices with dinner. Developed in Japan as a cross of Golden Delicious and Indo. Mid-September.

Shockley sweet and complexly spicy


Showtime! (pictured) Large size, smooth, yellowish-green with red blush. Rich aromatic flavor with hints of honey and cider. A great crunch and flavor makes for an excellent eating experience. Mid-August.

Sierra Beauty Large, red/pink, tart, mild flavor, firm, non breaking

Silken Yellow/greenish all around and very crunchy, with a sweet and fruity flavor. The excellent crunch and flavor makes these truly addictive!

Sinta Light, sweet, and crisp

Sir Prize tender crunch, slightly tart

Smokey Mountain Limbertwig Sweet and uniquely fruity. Tastes like bacon!(if you wrap it in bacon...)

Snowdrift crab

Snowsweet Red with sweet, almost vanilla, flavors...uniquely delicious! These apples don't turn brown very fast when cut, so they are a nice addition to a fruit/cheese plate. Late September.

Somerset of Maine

Spice of Virginia Very spicy bouquet: clove and orange

Splendour Reddish pink. Slightly sweet complex fruity flavor, with a lovely eating texture. Great for snacking! It was developed in New Zealand in the 1950s. Late September.

St. Cecelia

St. Edmunds Russet Sweet, complex flavors, aromatic, firm, non breaking

Star Song

Starky Medium, pink, sweet, fruity, firm, non breaking


Stayman Tart with brisk fruity flavor, it is a classic variety from the 1800s, which is often called Stayman Winesap. Early October.

Stellar Large size, beautiful golden color sometimes with pink or red blush. Excellent, sweet flavor, very juicy and crisp. Excellent dessert quality. It's sweet without being too sweet and the juice and crunch qualities are awesome. Fantastic for fresh eating and it makes great no-sugar-needed applesauce as well. Late September.


Stump tart and juicy

Sugar Snap

Sugar Snap (aka NY74840-1) (pictured) Dark red over green striped fruit, NY58524-14 by Empire cross, which is quite shiny when polished up. The name says it all! These are primarily for fresh eating - on the tart side, with a sugary component as well. Not-too-sweet and not-too-tart, we call them sweet-tart. They have great flavor and crunch, and are quite juicy. They have the quintessential apple flavor and texture which most everyone loves. Mid-September.

Summer Blaze (aka Dayton) Medium/large size, greenish with some red blush. Slightly tart with subtle fruit flavor, plus great crunch and juiciness. Early August.

Summer Pearmain

Summer Song

Summer Sweeting

Suncrisp Large sized and yellow, with a rich flavor that varies from intense to very intense, with hints of a banana-type flavor. Doesn't tend to brown quickly when cut, so it makes a good addition to a fruit/cheese plate. Orange Pippin is one of its parent. Mid-October.

Sundance Yellow, sweet,and crunchy. Tropical punch flavor - kind of? Disease-resistant variety developed in the 1960s at Purdue University.

Suntan Really sweet - too sweet for some!

Super Nova Large, red and green, crisp and slightly tart with a mild apple-y flavor. They make excellent varietal pie, and apple crisp works well for them too, as does sharing them with the whole family at dinner.

Sutton's Beauty

Sweet 16

Sweet Russet

Sweet Winesap

Swiss Limbertwig Medium tart with complex flavors. An excellent apple, this is working its way up to Farmer Ike's Top 10 list!

Tara (aka cy svatara) Sweet-tart with spicy flavors. With a quite hard texture, this is a nice eating apple.

Tarbutton Medium, yellow with red blush, tart, rich spicy flavor

Taylor Russet

Terry Winter

Tompkin's King


Tsugara Medium sized and red. Sweet and tender, great for fresh eating. Developed in Japan in the 1970s. Mid-August.

Tydeman's Late Orange tart and slightly citrusy


Victoria Sweet Medium Large, pink with dots, very sweet, fruity, firm, non-breaking


Virginia Gold Sweet-tart unique flavor. A cross of Newtown Pippin and Golden Delicious, this apple displays the best features and flavors of each!

Virginia Wine Sweet-tart and fruity. Lovely for eating, this is a 'secret ingredient' in some of our excellent late-season cider blends.

Virginia Winesap

Vixen Slightly tart and full of flavor. A small apple with truly amazing flavor. It tastes unlike any apple you've ever had - so don't miss it!

Von Zuccalmaglio's Reinette tart and lively



Washington Strawberry

Westfield Seek-no-further

White Winter Pearmain Moderately tart with flowery flavors. One of the oldest known varieties, it is from England circa 1200 AD!

Wickson Unique - wow! Surprising sweet and tasty flavor

William Crump

William's Favorite

William's Pride


Winecrisp (aka Co-op 31): (pictured) Medium size, mottled dark to light red, but with a non-shiny skin. Nicely balanced sweet berry-like flavor. Very firm and crisp, they are truly excellent for eating! Early October.


Winter Sweet Paradise

Winter Joy: Medium size, yellow and rustic-looking. Crunchy with lemony tartness. Late October.

Wismer's Dessert

Wyken Pippin Appley-tart! An antique from 18th century Netherlands.

Wynooche Early

Yates Tart bites with complex flavor, they are also known as 'Red Warrior'. This is a smaller variety which is juicy and crisp.

Yellow Bellflower lightly tart, but good flavor


Zabergau Reinette Flowery, but slightly tart

Zlatna Resistenta

Zumi Crab

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